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Our second Radical Retreat collection with District Vision draws inspiration from the Zen Buddhist practice of interbeing, popularized by Vietnamese monk and peace activist Thích Nhất Hạnh. Interbeing encourages us to understand our ongoing connection with the world around us, and our ability to free the mind when the physical body is restricted.

As we continue to spend significant time at home, the practice of interbeing can be beneficial to our physical and mental health. Our latest Radical Retreat styles are designed for active meditation while in isolation. Mindfulness exercises, walking barefoot, dancing eclectically, or simply laying on the ground, can engage us with our surroundings while alleviating stress and anxiety.

An exclusive Junya Racer sunglass with a custom Radical Retreat™ lens is paired with loose-fitting tops and bottoms featuring artwork by Filip Pagowski. White and indigo-dyed fabrics are intentionally combined to encourage colour bleeding, and all indigo garments will develop a unique appearance with wear and washing.


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