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Marvin Somodio Rituals of Sport Reigning Champ Wild Card Boxing

Rituals of Sport

Within the context of sport, rituals can be as commonplace as a fan's gameday superstitions or as complex as the training techniques of a superstar athlete. Each of these actions, whether founded by spirituality, science or even some irrational belief, are a means to ready the mind and body for what lies ahead. For high level athletes, rituals come in myriad forms. They are the minutiae, the quiet details of routine that help to center oneself in preparation for the task at hand.

Follow along in this 4-part series, as New York-based director Allen Alcantara explores the unique approaches of four individuals across various arenas.

Part Two: Marvin Somodio

We spotlight Marvin Somodio, veteran boxing trainer and the pupil-protege of ringside legend, Freddie Roach.

From humble beginnings in the Philippines to a tenure at the hallowed Wild Card Gym, Marvin has fine-tuned a meticulous set of rituals to find calm in the midst of combat.

The art of war is guided by the stillness of prayer, performed by Marvin before, between, and after each round of sparring. At the wrapping table, there is a certain 'mise-en-place' to how he arranges each piece of equipment; a particular regimen to put himself and his fighters in the right state of mind at all times.

Marvin Somodio Rituals of Sport for Reigning Champ
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