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Rituals of Sport

Within the context of sport, rituals can be as commonplace as a fan's gameday superstitions or as complex as the training techniques of a superstar athlete. Each of these actions, whether founded by spirituality, science or even some irrational belief, are a means to ready the mind and body for what lies ahead. For high level athletes, rituals come in myriad forms. They are the minutiae, the quiet details of routine that help to center oneself in preparation for the task at hand.

Follow along in this 4-part series, as New York-based director Allen Alcantara explores the unique approaches of four individuals across various arenas.

Part Three: Stretch Armstrong

Our third installment features none other than Adrian Bartos aka DJ Stretch Armstrong, one-half of the greatest rap radio duo to ever grace the air waves.

Stretch helped shape the sound of New York's hip hop scene for the better part of the 90's, breaking some of the greatest artists of the genre. Outside of the booth, he rekindled a love for tennis in his 30's, after being more than a decade removed from the game.

Finding parallels between music and sport, Stretch refers to the concept of flow. When playing a match or moving a crowd, he strives for a state of instinctual action, suspending thought and becoming one with the moment, whether mixing records or serving bombs.

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