Krink x Reigning Champ - Holiday Pack

Krink x Reigning Champ - Holiday Pack

Our exclusive holiday capsule with Krink bridges the cultures of sport and street art onto a modern canvas.

Steeped in New York City's graffiti scene since the 90's, Krink's high-quality paints and inks became the staple toolkit for a new generation of artists the world over. Together, we present a DIY-inspired set bundling their signature K-42 paint markers with a custom edition of our Spalding basketball. The limited release also includes a graphic T-shirt and Crewneck co-designed with Krink founder and graffiti legend, Craig Costello.

To celebrate the project, we commissioned three friends of Reigning Champ — nicenothings®, Mega McGrath, and Sophia Chang — to showcase their work on a new medium, bringing our collaborative concept to life.

Featured Artists:

nicenothings® is an ever-changing multidimensional practice based in Vancouver, BC, focused on making and doing whatever feels right in the moment. It lives and dies by the motto: everything ends.

Mega McGrath
Mega is a Canadian artist and designer from Vancouver, BC. Her work examines the human condition and its intersection with nature, as demonstrated by her ongoing study of abstracted “floral-scapes”.

Sophia Chang
Sophia is an illustrator and designer hailing from Queens, New York. In less than a decade she's made a name for herself by crafting a vivid, visual vocabulary inspired by the intersections of sport, art, and design.